Celebrating Your Dog's Birthday

Dog celebrating birthday by eating a donut

Dogs are an integral part of family life even moreso since the COVID-19 lockdown. Without a shadow of a doubt, a house is not a home without the presence of a four-legged best friend! We recently carried out a poll amongst our Instagram followers to find out how they celebrate their dog’s birthday/gotcha day (for rescue dogs)! 🎉🎈

97% of dog owners polled said they celebrated their dog’s birthday/gotcha day and 90% said it was one of their favourite days of the year.

Although it was a 50/50 divide on whether they got their dog a birthday card, a whopping 95% of dog owners celebrated their furry friend’s birthday by indulging them with gifts (35% of people admitting they spend more on their dog than their partner’s birthday). Our poll found that 50% of owners throw a party for their beloved dog and its four-legged friends and 72% of people told us their dog enjoys a special meal or a dog-friendly birthday cake to celebrate the big day. 🍰🧁

82% of dogs are treated to an extra-long walk and 95% enjoy extra cuddles on the sofa in the evening.

When asked if their dog was their best friend, 98% of people polled answered yes – a true testament to our furry companions! 🐕

However you celebrate your dog’s birthday, be it a quiet walk in your favourite spot or a party celebration with the whole family, there’s one thing we can all be sure about – our dogs are a constant source of love and enjoyment; their kindness, generosity of spirit and unwavering ability to love unconditionally make our lives whole.